Investor relations


Cypherpunk Holdings is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker HODL, and on the OTC Market under the ticker: KHRIF
It is available to buy through most brokers in North America and Europe.


Capitalisation (Values as of Sep 30, 2020)

Shares Outstanding 100.2M
Shares Reserved for Issuance 12.9M
Bitcoin 263.7
Ethereum 278.4
Cash & Equivalents CAD$0.48M
Equity Holdings Wasabi Wallet
Samourai Wallet
Hydro 66

Stock info

Visit the CSE for stock price information and Sedar for additional disclosure information.


In addition to cryptocurrencies we own the following companies:


  • Privacy is undervalued. The sector is destined to grow.
  • We have a unique strategy, and thus first-mover advantage, making this a unique opportunity.
  • Our management has good contacts in cryptocurrency, blockchain and Silicon Valley; good deal flow; sometimes preferential access to cryptocurrencies, equity deals and notes not generally available.
  • This is early – the company is young.
  • We have a strong board with a good track record, extensive capital market experience and good oversight.
  • Minimum overhead, minimal headcount & streamlined operations.
  • We provide easy exposure, both at the retail and institutional level, to an obscure but exciting sector
  • We provide direct exposure to cryptocurrencies
  • High standards of security.