Investor Relations


Cypherpunk Holdings is a publicly traded actively managed crypto investment company.

We employ and execute a range of bespoke strategies to generate excess returns relative to passive buy and hold.


How We Create Value

Cypherpunk creates value for its shareholders through three distinct lines of effort:


By generating smart alpha returns via risk-managed deployment of tokens for yield generation (staking, validating, liquidity provisioning etc) and vol straddling using OTC derivatives and synthetics.


By providing access to bespoke private equity deals thru their seed rounds and collaborating with founders – in the manner of a strategic partnership – to shape product development.


By deploying mining assets to low cost energy sources, IPv4 leasing and assisting with the development of dApps on Layer 2 protocols.

Stock Information

Cypherpunk Holdings is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker HODL.CN 

and the OTC markets in the USA under the ticker KHRIF

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