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Who were the Cypherpunks?

In 1992 a group of talented and committed computer scientists met up in Santa Cruz, California to discuss the new technology that was the internet.  While they understood the internet’s enormous potential, they also saw the possibilities it would open up for corporate and state entities to invade privacy. They had grave concerns. Their solution lay in developing open-source technologies to defend privacy, especially cryptography. They became known as the Cypherpunks.

The group no longer exists today, but their concerns remain as relevant as ever.

Cypherpunk Holdings has been formed to invest in technologies and crypto currencies with strong privacy.

Privacy – why now?

We believe privacy is important. But we also believe that the value of privacy has been significantly overlooked, both by internet users and by the market itself. In other words, privacy is undervalued.

Attitudes slowly seem to be changing, however, and we feel privacy will be a growing issue in the years ahead; that the market will wake up to its rising importance and ascribe it with much greater value. Cypherpunk Holdings has been set up to invest in privacy-focused coins and technologies.

Why privacy?

“When the internet is free, you are the product”.

There are many things you might say or do in one situation, which you would not say or do in another. You might, for example, tell your doctor something you would not tell a work colleague; or your insurer something you would not tell a friend. The information you share depends on the relationship – whether personal, professional, governmental or commercial. But if that information is then used elsewhere, without permission, out of context, there is, potentially, a breach of trust.

Yet what you have said online, what you have read, what you have looked at, how you have transacted – your data – gets used. It is used on you – to shape your behaviour, to influence the decisions you make – what you buy, sell, read or watch. It is used to make decisions about you – what content you see or what messages you receive; the loan, the insurance, the job or the opportunities you are offered. Your data can be stolen.  In the wrong hands, your data could be used against you in some way.

We have little idea what of our data is being used, how or by whom, let alone any say; we have no power to object, nor any ability to amend that data. We have little control over our data.

The solution is to protect privacy. Protecting our privacy can limit the scope that others have to use our information beyond the purpose for which it was supplied. It allows us to have greater control over our online reputation. It enables us to grow and mature without being shackled by foolish things we might have said or done in the past. It enables us to explore new ideas outside the mainstream, without fear of being watched. Those that know about us have power over us. Protecting privacy limits that power.

Privacy Technologies

Our thesis

  • Privacy is undervalued. It has been mis-priced by the market.
  • Attitudes are changing. Many are waking up to its importance.
  • As they do, tech and money with strong privacy will have strong market demand.
  • Some will pay a premium to protect their privacy
  • As public awareness of the importance of privacy increases, a strong privacy narrative will emerge, furthering increasing demand for privacy tech.

The Cypherpunk Index of Privacy Coins

The Cypherpunk Index ™ ranks the leading privacy-focused coins, according to five criteria: privacy; scalability; decentralisation; usage and market cap.

The essential feature of privacy coins is that the amount of coins you own, send and receive are not observable, traceable or linkable by transaction history on the blockchain.

According to the index, the most private of the privacy coins is monero (green). The most scalable privacy coin is grin (red). The coin with the biggest market cap, and also the most decentralised and widely used is bitcoin (blue).

The index is composed of the following cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)



Current Investments

Our strategy is long-term. We prefer investments, which we can buy and hold over time. For full details of all our holdings, see our latest presentation.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, we hold the following companies:

Samourai Wallet Samourai Wallet website Hydro66 Hydro66 website Chia Chia website


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