Leah Wald


Leah Wald;

Leah Wald is a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in alternative asset management with deep expertise in disruptive technologies. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Valkyrie Investments, she has led the firm in becoming a leading player in the digital asset sector, launching innovative investment vehicles including Bitcoin ETFs and amassing over $1.3bln AUM. Valkyrie Funds LLC, the investment advisory business of Valkyrie Investments Inc. was acquired by CoinShares (Nasdaq Stockholm: CS; USOTCQX: CNSRF).

Leah’s career is marked by a strong foundation in economics and asset management. She previously served as a Partner at Lucid Investment Strategies, where she pioneered their Bitcoin investment and consulting arm. Her early career includes working as a Financial Analyst to the CEO at Vital Financial, focusing on global macro strategies for multi-billion dollar asset managers.

A trained economist, Leah co-founded Veterati to address the employment challenges faced by veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. Her international development experience includes assisting a labor union for impoverished women in Gujarat, India, and contributing to economic projects at The World Bank in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Leah has made significant contributions to thought leadership in the sector, contributing to Forbes with her column “Tales From the Front Lines of Female Entrepreneurship” and co-authoring “Hyperwave Theory: The Rogue Waves of Financial Markets.

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