Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cypherpunk Holdings is a publicly-traded actively managed crypto investment company traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker HODL.CN and the OTC markets in the US under the ticker KHRIF. We employ and execute a range of bespoke strategies to generate excess returns relative to passive buy and hold, and source exclusive deal flow from our global network of crypto/defi entrepreneurs.

Cypherpunk creates value for its shareholders through three distinct lines of effort:

  1. By generating smart alpha returns via risk-managed deployment of tokens for yield generation (staking, validating, liquidity provisioning etc) and vol straddling using OTC derivatives and synthetics.
  2. By providing access to bespoke private equity deals thru their seed rounds and collaborating with founders – in the manner of a strategic partnership – to shape product development.
  3. By deploying mining assets to low cost energy sources, IPv4 leasing and assisting with the development of dApps on Layer 2 protocols.


With respect to private equity, every project we onboard we work closely with to support product development and ensure adherence to timelines.

Our investments are assessed against rigorous Internal Rates of Return (IRR) and must also be narrative-rich and carry significant memetic value.

Wherever deep value exists.

At Cypherpunk, we do not impose dogma or ideology on what we think is (or isn’t) deep value. Instead, we take a dispassionately market-oriented approach to allow the trend of ebbs and flows of innovation show us the way. Once we ascertain direction, we unleash the machinery of our extensive due diligence to discover and support top-tier projects and operators.

Two words: Smart Alpha

Passive strategies earn beta – a type of structural yield that tracks the return of the underlying market.

HODL implements an active portfolio management and asset selection strategy to earn alpha – a measure of excess return and a reflection of the work we put into the process of:

  • Identifying upcoming prospects
  • Deals execution
  • Allocating capital, configuring exposure
  • Performance-based adjustments and reallocations

The collective and extensive know-how encapsulated by HODL’s Investment Committee is a force multiplier.

Blockchain is the foundational (Layer 1) technology that provides the security and scalability required by developers of dApps to quickly create new and innovative services. 

An investment in the right blockchain technology is an investment in tomorrow’s means of production.

Every cryptocurrency embodies an idea – a programmable vision instantiated in the classes, methods and functions of the blockchain. As a store of value, a medium of exchange and a unit of account – cryptocurrencies are the lifeblood of the digital economy. 

As the spice must flow from the deserts of Arrakis, so must the crypto from the annals of their blockchain.

Because our investment process and due diligence is second to none.

Because we possess substantial bargaining power to extract preferential terms for our investors.

Because we are a brand, a voice, an immutable idea.

Because $HODL is simply the best way to hodl!

Our stock is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (HODL.CN) and on the OTC markets in the US (KHRIF).

“HODL” is a misspelling of the word “hold”, which describes a buy-and-hold long-term strategy among many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.The phrase is a psychological tool to help investors stay clear of losses from the volatility that exists in the cryptocurrency market as well as gain returns over time. Although this position could be considered less high-risk than activities such as daytrading, cryptocurrency investors must still contend with the downside risk of market conditions, such as bear markets.The significance of HODL is, simply put, that investors are not selling cryptocurrency holdings, no matter what. Therefore, the term “HODL” could be used to define other investment types, such as stocks or bonds, but it usually refers to cryptocurrencies.

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