Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cypherpunk Holdings is a publicly-traded crypto investment company traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker HODL.CN and the OTC markets in the US under the ticker CYFRF.
The company takes a private equity approach, with a goal of capital appreciation via liquid investments, as well as strategic M&A activity.
Actively. With respect to private equity, every project we onboard we work closely with to support product development and ensure adherence to timelines.
Our stock is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (HODL.CN) and on the OTC markets in the US (CYFRF).
“HODL” is a misspelling of the word “hold”, which describes a buy-and-hold long-term strategy among many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The phrase is a psychological tool to help investors stay clear of losses from the volatility that exists in the cryptocurrency market as well as gain returns over time. Although this position could be considered less high-risk than activities such as daytrading, cryptocurrency investors must still contend with the downside risk of market conditions, such as bear markets. The significance of HODL is, simply put, that investors are not selling cryptocurrency holdings, no matter what. Therefore, the term “HODL” could be used to define other investment types, such as stocks or bonds, but it usually refers to cryptocurrencies.

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