Our Story

Cypherpunk was conceived in 2018 as a blockchain and crypto start up. True to its name, our company adopted the Cypherpunk Manifesto – that “privacy is necessary for an open society and electronic age” – as our fundamental investment thesis. Our ticker (HODL) reflected our unwavering commitment to this idea – that our investments may come and go but we will NEVER SHORT the most precious commodity in the known universe – PRIVACY.

As the roots of the crypto wisdom tree, privacy tech spurred on the crypto innovation – enabling a rich diaspora of decentralized apps and services to emerge and challenge incumbent and entrenched models. These revisionist forces have created once-in-lifetime opportunities for bold visionaries to seize the moment and make their mark. Cypherpunk is positioned to become a captain of the digital economy and a steward of blockchain and crypto innovation. As a matter of course, our investment thesis has evolved to adapt to new trends and market dynamics.

Cypherpunk has become increasingly sophisticated in our approach toward HODLing. We HODL ideas and processes. Investments come and go but testable ideas and repeatable processes are eternal. We see in blockchain an efficient and meritocratic resource allocation paradigm – we’re partnering with aspirational and visionary blockchain projects to unlock their value. We see through the plethora of metaverse narratives to find NFT ecosystems working to rewrite the norms of socialization. Projects with positive economics and the ability to create life-changing outcomes for hundreds of millions of participants in the developing world.

Our journey toward a Decentralized, Permission-less and Anonymized society has just begun. Without necessarily knowing how it all ends, our shareholder can be certain that we are vested in the future and for the future.

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