Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. Invests inNext-Generation Hardware Wallet Company NGRAVE

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Canada, December 30, 2020 – Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.
(“Cypherpunk” or the “Company”)
(CSE: HODL) is pleased to announce that it has completed
a convertible note investment in NGRAVE.IO (“NGRAVE”). NGRAVE’s flagship product
“ZERO” – also known as “The Coldest Wallet” – is a fully offline hardware wallet that features the
world’s highest security certification, EAL7, for its secure operating system.

Under the terms of the transaction, Cypherpunk Holdings invested an initial €100,000 via a
convertible loan agreement which also includes the right to participate in NGRAVE’s Series A
financing round for an additional undisclosed amount, which is expected in first quarter 2021.

The ZERO is the most secure hardware wallet ever made, and the corner stone of NGRAVE’s
impenetrable security ecosystem. Conceptualised and built from scratch in close collaboration
with world leading institutes in chip manufacturing, applied cryptography, and hardware security,
the ZERO comes with an unparalleled level of inherent anti-tampering. The ZERO is completely
offline, from secret key generation to transaction signing, keeping your holdings away from any
online attack vector.

Belgium-based NGRAVE is a digital asset and blockchain security provider offering a secure and
user-friendly end-to-end solution for the management of individuals’ and businesses’ digital assets
and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the company introduces multiple innovations with
GRAPHENE, the industry’s first recoverable and encrypted backup.

Commenting on the investment, Cypherpunk Holdings President and CEO, Antanas “Tony” Guoga,
stated: “The NGRAVE team has a significant lead over comparable competition in the space and
they provide an excellent complement to our existing portfolio of secure privacy-based wallets.
This initial investment into NGRAVE sets the stage for our continued participation in the
company’s future growth.”

As the sector leader for privacy-technology wallet investments, Cypherpunk Holdings will also
contribute advice and expertise on rapid management team development and matters of corporate
governance. The Cypherpunk Holdings management team is led by investor, serial poker
champion and former member of European Parliament Tony Guoga as CEO, with Moe Adham
serving as Chief Investment Officer and Jon Matonis serving as Chief Economist. Moe is the
founder and CEO of Canadian ATM leader Bitaccess. Jon is a founding Director of the original
Bitcoin Foundation and previously Head of Foreign Exchange Trading at VISA International.

NGRAVE’S CEO Ruben Merre added, “In Cypherpunk Holdings, we believe we have found not
only an investor, but a strategic partner with whom we share common interests and goals regarding
privacy. Cypherpunk Holding’s ticker symbol “HODL” is an interesting word play on the most
effective use case of ZERO: keeping your crypto safe for the long term. We look forward to
working together as we continue to grow the business of NGRAVE.”

NGRAVE previously made headlines by onboarding Jean-Jacques Quisquater, legendary
cryptography professor and second reference of the bitcoin paper, to its team, as well as raising a
record amount of more than 450KUSD in sales through its Indiegogo pre-order campaign in June

Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. invests in the companies, technologies and protocols which enhance or
protect privacy. Its strategy is to make targeted investments in businesses and assets with strong
privacy, often within the blockchain ecosystem, including select cryptocurrencies. Cypherpunk’s
common shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “HODL”. For further
information on NGRAVE, please contact

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

Cypherpunk Holdings Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information at the following link.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

For further information contact:

Investor Relations Contact:
Veronika Oswald
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. 130 King Street West
The Exchange Tower, Suite 3680 Toronto, ON M5X 1B1 Telephone: 416.599.8547

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