What is Cypherpunk Holdings?

Cypherpunk Holdings, Inc. is a Canadian-based investment company. The firm invests in cryptocurrency, privacy protection, and cryptography technologies. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. was originally founded in 2002 as Khan Resources and changed its name in 2018. The Cypherpunk headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. Some of the companies Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. has invested in for equity include Wasabi Wallet, Samourai Wallet, NGRAVE, Chia Network and Animoca Brands. The firm’s treasury holdings include bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and version 4 IP addresses (IPv4). 

With the sole vision of building the world’s leading privacy investment vehicle and grand mission of Net Asset Value (NAV) to outperform bitcoin, Cypherpunk Holdings enables investors to access to leading-edge in cryptocurrency, privacy, and cryptography via its publicly-traded stock (CSE: HODL or OTCMKTS: KHRIF). 

Cypherpunk began as a commodities mining company before switching focus to crypto, thanks to a strong team of blockchain specialists. They are one of the leaders in the privacy-technology investment sector. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. not only provides direct exposure to cryptocurrencies but also easy exposure to a very promising sector on an institutional as well as retail level; the icing on the cake is the high level of security standards readily available. Technologies Cypherpunk Holdings Inc invests in, among others, universal identity platforms, VPNs (virtual private Networks), wallets, and password managers.

Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. pushes for the value of privacy in the marketplace. Digital privacy is remarkably important today and it will become even more significant in the years to come. It’s a high-demand market that has created valuable new companies. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. owns a number of bitcoin, ether, IP addresses and equity stakes that make them more than competitive in this industry.

Cypherpunk Holdings Inc has already purchased 26,576 IPv4 addresses. Like bitcoin, IPv4 addresses are scarce and are running out. The Cypherpunk IP addresses are leased out to providers that offer privacy solutions such as VPNs and it is expected to generate a consistent per-month return on investment. In addition, IP address prices have been increasing on a steady note over the past few years. This is because there is market demand for the acquisition and leasing of IP addresses for privacy.

Cypherpunk Holdings’ cryptocurrency stake consists of:

  • Revenue generation: In a bid to generate more revenue, Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. has agreed to lend 100 BTC through an Open Term Loan to Genesis Global Trading Inc.
  • Large public bitcoin holder: Bitcoin is digital money based on blockchain technology which is distributed electronically. The Bitcoin network does not have a centralized register. The network’s strength is derived from a distributed ledger also known as a blockchain. In other words, bitcoin is not controlled by one person or institution. Cypherpunk has already bought bitcoin holdings totalling 401 BTC.
  • Purchase of ether: Cypherpunk Holdings has also purchased a total of 511 ether (ETH). Ethereum is a blockchain-based software platform for receiving and sending value globally through the use of ether, its native cryptocurrency. Ethereum differs from the Bitcoin network in that it is an extremely popular platform for developing decentralized apps, or dApps.

Cypherpunk Holdings’ equity stakes consist of:


A wallet is a device or software that serves as an account for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency services can actually deposit the cryptocurrency via a compatible cryptocurrency wallet when credited with bitcoin or other blockchain-based digital assets. However, some of these blockchain-based currencies can be unique to wallets. This means that some wallets can take all cryptocurrencies or more than one while some cannot. A crypto wallet is an important component in cryptocurrency, so it should be handled cautiously. Cypherpunk has invested in several wallet companies:

  • Wasabi wallet: Wasabi is a desktop wallet for bitcoin; these types of wallets are installed on a personal computer. They are one of the leaders in the privacy wallet market. This privacy tech helps safeguard bitcoin from theft and maintain user security.
  • Samourai wallet: Unlike Wasabi wallet which runs on personal computers, Samourai wallet is a bitcoin wallet for phones. These types of wallets are mobile apps where cryptocurrency (BTC) is stored. Samourai wallet is a very secure bitcoin wallet focused on user privacy. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. also has a partnership deal with nodl.it to have Samourai-branded hardware delivered.
  • Chia: The company is building a secure and efficient blockchain network, by developing a programming language for the purpose of optimizing transactions. This network also improves upon the concept of bitcoin mining which involves a distributed way of processing transactions in that when a person sends a cryptocurrency to another person, a miner verifies the legitimacy of that transaction before it is securely added to the blockchain. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. has through a convertible note invested in Chia’s new technological improvements in the cryptocurrency space. 
  • NGRAVE: Cypherpunk Holdings Inc., has invested through a convertible loan note in NGRAVE. As a company, NGRAVE has constructed the coldest wallet, which is an offline hardware wallet (a storage device not connected to the internet) using EAL7, the world’s highest security certification, and secure operating system. This wallet was designed to keep cryptocurrency safe and free from hackers. 

Privacy today is a huge issue, especially with the digitization of everything, including currency, and the risks attached to security and privacy. Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. is making investments in promising privacy technology companies for the growing benefit of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Apart from owning a large bitcoin position and lending a portion of it with the aim of getting revenue in return, it is also important to look out for privacy protection. Therefore, Cypherpunk Holdings has invested in several growing cryptocurrency protection and security-focused companies. Alongside all these are investments in IP addresses (a growing market similar to bitcoin).  

Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. is a nascent company with potential growth in the privacy tech and cryptocurrency sectors. 

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