Khan Resources Announces Executive and Board Additions and a Proposed
Name Change to Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Canada, June 11, 2018 – Khan Resources Inc. (“Khan” or the
“Company”) (CSE: KRI) is pleased to announce that further to its announcement on March 6, 2018
signaling a potential change in corporate direction, it has elected to pursue a strategy going forward
that will focus on investments in selected cryptocurrencies as well as high impact investment
opportunities related to Blockchain technology. To implement this new direction it is announcing
today two immediate additions to its team that will better position the Company for entry and success
into what is steadily being recognized as an entirely new asset class as well as a significant new
growth area within technology.

Effective immediately, the Company has appointed Moe Adham as Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
and will also nominate Mr. Adham for the board of directors at the upcoming Annual and General
Meeting (“AGM”) which is now scheduled for July 18, 2018. Mr Adham is currently the CEO of
Ottawa based Bitaccess ( which developed the world’s first Bitcoin Teller Machine
(BTM) and whose software currently powers the one of world’s largest network of such machines.
Bitaccess was also recently selected by the Government of Canada to run one of their first pilot
programs trialing a Blockchain application, in this case one intended to make government research
grant and funding information more transparent to the public. This application runs on Bitaccess’
Catena Blockchain Suite platform and the pilot program is being overseen by the National Research
Council, Canada’s leading industrial research organization. Mr. Adham has a Masters Degree in
Nanotechnology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ((EPFL) and a degree in Engineering
/ Economics from the University of Waterloo.

Also effective immediately, the Company has added Dominic Frisby to the board of directors,
replacing Kal Malhi who has resigned. Mr Frisby, who resides in the UK, is a well known author,
journalist, market commentator and speaker, whose diverse accomplishments include being the author
of “ Bitcoin : The Future of Money?”, the first known book published on Bitcoin by a recognized
publisher. Mr Frisby contributes regularly to Moneyweek and the Guardian and is considered an
authoritative figure on the world of cryptocurrencies by the British media.

As a reflection of the new corporate direction, the Company intends to propose a name change at the
upcoming AGM to “Cypherpunk Holdings Inc”, a name which references the important contribution
of the Cypherpunks and the Cypherpunk Manifesto to the development and ultimate emergence of

Finally, the Company has today granted a total of 5 million options at 10 cents to directors and
employees for a period of five years. This is the first grant of options since the new board took control
in May 2017, a period of time where no other executive compensation was paid pending a decision on
the Company’s new direction.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

Please read Cypherpunk Holdings Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information at the following link.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

For further information contact:
Marc Henderson, interim Chief Executive Officer
Toronto, Canada +1 (416) 599 7363

Suite 3680
130 King St. W.
Toronto, ON M5X 1B1
Tel: 416.599.8547
Fax: 416.599.4959

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