Cypherpunk Holdings Announces Purchase of Additional IPv4 Addresses

TORONTO, ONTARIO, October 14, 2021. ‐ Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. (CSE: HODL, OTC: KHRIF) (“Cypherpunk” or, the “Company”), a sector leader for cryptocurrency, privacy and cryptography focused investments, is pleased to announce that it has acquired an additional 8,192 IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses.

As a result, Cypherpunk now holds a total inventory of 24,576 IPv4 addresses, of which 16,384 are currently being leased to third partiesthrough existing contractual arrangements. The Company has also entered into an agreement to lease its recently acquired IPv4 addresses to customers on similar terms.

Tony Guoga, Cypherpunk’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Cypherpunk is focused on a privacy technology thesis. As people wake up to the issues surrounding digital privacy, undervalued assets such as IPv4 can be expected to increase in value. This is why the Company continues to invest in scarce digital assets such as Ipv4 addresses and why we believe that our acquisition of additional IPv4 addresses will yield a healthy return.”

About Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.

Cypherpunk was established to invest in currencies, companies, technologies and protocols, which enhance or protect privacy. Its strategy is to make targeted investments in businesses and assets with strong privacy attributes, often within the blockchain ecosystem, including select cryptocurrencies. Current equity investments include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Samourai Wallet, Wasabi Wallet, Chia and NGRAVE.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information

Investor Relations Contacts:

Veronika Oswald
Investor Relations, Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.
Office: 416.599.8547

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